Barrett Station, TX 77532

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Our Town of Barrett, TX 77532

The site south of highway 90 is historical Barrett Station, or "Barrett, TX" as it is known in more modern times. 

Barrett Station, a predominately African American community of approximately 4,700 residents, was founded by freed slaves in 1875.  It is situated along the historical Lynchburg Crossing on FM 2100, between the towns of Highlands and Crosby,Texas.  Lynchburg Crossing was the route utilized by the horsemen in 1875, when traveling from Galveston with the news that slavery had been abolished.  Historically, the community of Barrett was also a strategic location during the Battle of San Jacinto.

Purpose of this Website: The Barrett Station Civic League is making this website available, free, to its users.  In conjunction with the flavor and purpose of Neighborhood Link (the host of this particular area of our community website), our mission is to encourage communication, provide resources, and enable connections – on a neighborhood to national scale. Together, we will achieve these goals by creating a network of websites and related services that empower neighbors to organize information, build relationships and solve problems.

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Simplicity but Difficulty

Communication is as easy as talking and listening or writing and reading. But not all of these things may come easy to everyone. Community - a body of unified indivduals; Communication -  a... more
Started: June 14th, 02:50 PMReplies: 0

Economic Empowerment in Our Community ...

Every Barrett Station resident should look at this series of CD's. It's how residents can give back and help promote businesses in our own neighborhood. Black Americans spend $1.2 TRILLION $$ per... more
Started: October 1st 2016Replies: 0

Placement of Event Fliers

Hi Melody, we have several fliers to distribute.What would be the best place to put them ? We really would like to have a great turn out and  this would allow the community to better understand... more
Started: June 12th 2012Replies: 2
Barrett, Texas 77532
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