Communication is as easy as talking and listening or writing and reading. But not all of these things may come easy to everyone.

Community - a body of unified indivduals;

Communication -  a process where information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.

Are we all aware of the symbols, signs and behavior as unified indivduals in Barrett Station?

There are those that say everything has a process and we have to follow the process to grow and create a community of benefits for everyone. There's also those that would like to see immediate gratification. Neither are wrong but what is possible? Are we growning a unifed community or only our biological successors? Do we only interact and communicate with our own unified people? The groups we treasure which could include family, church, school or any organized group that are able to uplift each other in these comfort zones or do we? I bring this topic up to encourage and inspire the need for direct communication to the community in one location. All organizations have websites, calendars, social media that are updated daily, monthly, yearly or just forgotten. I am hoping for a way to bring everyones calendars and newsletters togther. So that no matter where in this community we live we all are aware of the needs and successes of our community. Don't get me wrong all of the forementioned outlets are great but does everyone have access? Is valuable information arriving on-time or late? Can we successfully communicate together? I say yes, what does the community say?