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N.W.O.C. program consist of 2 parts: Residential treatment and Transitional living. The Residential treatment facility operates under the concept of a learning center and provides a spiritual and therapeutic environment that teaches its students how to live free from addiction.
The program teaches that this freedom comes from a change of attitude, change of associates, a change of activities, and from living by the power of the Holy Spirit.
It is the belief of N.W.O.C that a person does not set out in life to become a drug abuser.  Their addiction is a result of an initial choice to try drugs.  Because of the addictive power of these chemicals and the behavior modifications that take place, the user's life degenerates to the point where they must have help to recover.  This help is provided through the corporate effort of trained individuals, caring family, and friends.
With this principle in mind, N.W.O.C is structured to minister to the spiritual and sociological needs of the Student and family. Every student of N.W.O.C is encouraged to go through the program with the assistance of a family member or friend called a "Significant Other." During the 90 days of the program, the assigned Personal Minister at N.W.O.C provides a ministry support system for the student and the Significant Other.  During their 90-day stay, the student is under the direct supervision of a ministry support team who teaches the student behavior modification principles which enables him to live free forever.  Upon completion of the program, the Significant Other, along with the support of the ministry team, will have the personal responsibility of monitoring and assisting the student throughout the 90-day aftercare program known as P.I.L.L (Partners in Life’s Lessons) Transitional living program.
The Program consists of seven (7) steps:
1.Admitting the Challenge
2.Commitment to God
3.Knowing Oneself
4.Principles of Change
5.Accountability and Responsibility
6.Growing Spiritually
7.Helping Others
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Barrett, Texas 77532

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