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My name is Sandra Francois and I am the CEO and Founder of
Nehemiah’s Wall of Crosby. I’ve been a nurse for more than 30 years; however,
my vision is to restore the foundation of man(kind) by providing recovery,
mental health, faith, independence and an overall second chance for men with a
history of substance abuse. When God calls you for a purpose you answer…”Here I
am” Nehemiah’s Wall of Crosby represents the restoration of man through
direction and purpose.

I was born in Houston, Texas on December 9th the first girl
of 3 older brothers and then followed by 2 sisters. I am married to a wonderful
man and we have 3 beautiful children and 7 grandchildren of whom we love

As a hobby and for relaxation I enjoy painting. I find many
of my inspirations through words, feelings and expressions.

I'd like to welcome to "Francois' of Life Gallery “and I started this back in September 2008 after Hurricane Ike. I hope you will like  the paintings. Most of them are abstracts. It has been one
of my greatest dreams to become an artist. I love blending colors and see what happens.

My first painting is called "Ike".

I have received much support from my family and the Hand
of God

"I can do all things.........Philippian 4:13



Location: Missouri City,Texas
Occupation: Artist/Registered Nurse
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Barrett, Texas 77532

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